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Intelligent MIDI interface

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Welcome to web site devoted to small and useful hardware called Berio MIDI, which is suitable e.g. for all do-it-yourself men interested in electronic music or musical electronics.

What is Berio MIDI module, what does it do and where can it be used ?

If you want to connect your non-MIDI musical instrument to your MIDI musical system (electronic keyboard, tone generator, PC sound card), you need Berio MIDI.
Berio MIDI is something like MIDI signal generator (MIDI = Musical Instrument Digital Interface).

Berio MIDI 96 module.

The above described musical instruments on one side, and devices receiving MIDI signal on another side may be combined in various ways. The given examples are mere suggestions of how Berio MIDI modules may be used and which configurations occurs most often.

If this is of interest to you, please find more detailed information and contact for manufacturer on the next pages. If you have any questions, you may visit our page of frequently asked questions, or send your question to