Organ MIDI computer for two-manual organ with pedal-board, control panel and two continuous controllers.

The Berio T-ORGAN module is microcomputer system, which adds MIDI output to your organ system with two manuals, pedalboard and control panel. This solution allow you to generate organ sound by electronic way (with using of electronic keyboard or a PC), therefore entire large organ may fit in your flat. Pipes are not necessary, complicated coupler's mechanics are not necessary too. This all provide microprocessor located at Berio T-ORGAN module system board. Only one thing must be done: one contact under every keypad in keyboard and under every pedal in pedalboard.

Berio T-ORGAN module.

Main features:

Detailed characteristics:

Supplement, additional information, download:

DIP switches functional description.

Main and secondary manual - function of keypads.

Control panel ("pistons") - function of switches..

Pedalboard - function of pedals (switches).

Description, installation instructions and user manual (for download, pdf format).

Main and secondary manual diode matrix schematic.

Pedalboard diode matrix schematic.

Control panel ("piston switches") diode matrix schematic, continuous controllers.

Standard MIDI cable schematic.

Basic electrical specification of MIDI.

Recommended connection of standard MIDI cable to sound card "gameport".

FAQ - Frequently asked questions with answers.

Berio T-ORGAN MIDI implementation chart.