Jak se staví kostelní varhany doma? – How to build a church organ at home...


You have to be a lover. You have to be really impassionate. Than you can build a church organ at home. Well, not the ones with pipes, but an electronic facsimile. In the Czech republic where I live it is possible to build these at the price of about 700 USD. But you have to do a lot of manual work. You have to be skilfull.

If you are rich enough you can buy a electronic pipe organ Viscount or Allen or similar... Then this page is not intended for you.


Well, if you are not rich and you are motivated like me you can start building your own instrument. It looks like this. Then you need a computer with a soundcard to generate the sounds. Or you can use an expander or a keyboard with MIDI and channel mixing capabilities. But be prepared to work for about 3 months. It will take your evenings and nights, and weekends... If you are happy enoung you will spend something like this:
  keyboard table (two manuals) 0 USD  (a gift from an old organist)
  magnetic contacts with magnets 80 USD
  MIDI convertors (MOP-56) 340 USD (4 pieces)
  material to build a pedal and the chair 220 USD
  other instruments and material 25 USD or more

A Symphony with three movements about building an organ:

To hear organ music recorded with my instrument, see: www.sonusparadisi.cz